Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bringing 2011 to a close.....

It's been a year of ups and downs here at what I like to call The Chemung Resort, which is of course, more commonly referred to as home. I'm sure the ups and downs part is not unique to only me, but the catch phrase seems to fit. 

We had a very sad day in mid-July when we had to deal with the passing of our beloved Yellow Lab Samson. He was with us for over 14 years and he will never be forgotten by myself or our entire family. He loved everybody and everybody loved him as well.

Rest in Peace..... Samson.

After a mourning period, my wife and I decided it was time to get another dog. So we searched out a breeder and found....


and a few months later we found....


So along with our 2 Tabby cats we have again obtained our full compliment of household pets. And oh, we are thrilled. There is 4 months age difference between Botar and his little lady Brandi, and they have bonded beautifully, both with each other and with us and our family.

Captured by the Stealth Wildlife Camera on one of our morning walks.

Now if I can just get them to sleep "all" night I'll be happier.

The wildlife and bird life activity here at the resort this year was super. Deer, Turkey, Raccoons, and Rabbit sightings have been abundant as well as songbird visits.

We dealt with Tropical Storm Lee in Sept.....

.....and were able to clean up the mess and debris in short order. But it did take a few weeks for the saturated ground to somewhat dry out. We were fortunate to have not incurred any major property damage.

It's late Dec. 2011 and the ground cover is not white. And that my friends, is a good thing. My snow plow and snow blower are at the ready cause I know this lack of snow fall won't last. The bad weather will hit us sooner or later. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy it's absence.

Happy New Year
Spring 2012

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another mouth to feed......

This week our household welcomed a new resident. She is 8 weeks old and eager to, well, show us who is boss. As with most new pets that arrive, she has been the center of attention and it appears that she is "sucking it up". She is developing a trend that consists mainly of "running a muck, eating & drinking, peeing & pooping, and napping". I would be very happy at this stage if she would turn her 10 minute "naps" into something like a 4 to 6 hour "sleep". Of course I know that's not going to happen any time soon. I also know the lack of sleep that she is getting is not bothering her, as the "dog naps" rejuvenate her quite well. BUT, her lack of sleep has resulted in me also getting "lack of sleep". Go figure. With that said, meet "Brandi".

Female Chocolate Lab

 Call me a sucker for good looking women, but isn't she beautiful?

I have been quite fortunate in my adult life to be surrounded by good looking women, not that I'm a "chick magnet" but more likely, "really lucky". My wife, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters, granddaughters and of course my mother have all filled my life and eyes with beauty. Blessed I am..

Brandi, like all the other girls that grace my home, will also be blessed with beauty. Beauty of the male persuasion. An occasional visit from sons, son-in-law, or boyfriends will only add to the everyday male beauty that will be in her life. That will be:

King "Rascal"
 Prince "Boots"
Male Yellow Lab

And of course, "Me"
"The Old Guy"

As you can see, except for Botar, the rest of us "guys" are sporting the fashionable gray look. It shows, among other things, that we are wise, experienced, and compassionate. But mostly, just old.

So we say welcome to Brandi. We know you will put many many smiles on those you come in contact with. And we hope you will enjoy your stay with us here at the resort that is now your home.


enjoy your life

"love your pets like they love you"