Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An October Day Walk in the Woods

On a recent walk in the woods behind my house I discovered some interesting sights, some of which confirming my belief that a walk in the woods can be very educational if one looks closely at what they see. More on that as we progress through this post.

One of the first things on this particular walk that grabbed my attention was this construction on the side of a tree stump.

Nature @ Work
I call it "Nature @ Work because it continues to be added to, and remodeled. Kinda reminds me of a stack of pancakes. Well, maybe that's a stretch.

The next picture worthy sighting was this burst of yellow....

As I continued on my venture I came across a tattered tail feather of a wild turkey. Than another. And another. A pattern was developing. What had I stumbled upon? Well, after backing up and surveying the area, I figured out I had come across the scene of an attack by a predator of some kind. At this point I pondered who the hunter was... coyote or fox came to mind. There was a large number of tail and wing feathers scattered about in the area. I didn't see any breast feathers at all. Did this attack result in a successful kill?


Turkey foot..

The last photo confirmed the attack produced a meal for the hunter.

The educational value learned on this walk is this:

In the wild, life ends so life can continue. 
That's the way it is.






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