Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer 2011...Part 2: The Sept. Flood at the Resort.

What was going to be a birthday party for our 2 eldest granddaughters turned out having to be postponed due to Tropical Storm Irene's torrential rains that devastated the entire East Coast. We, here in Chemung, NY, were not able to escape the high waters and creek flooding that resulted. We did not, luckily, have any property damage but we did have flooding and a back yard full of debris. The grounds were saturated to the point that no outdoor social gathering could be safely permitted. Nearby towns and cities fared far worse than we however, with many many homes destroyed to the point of total loss. Some families lost everything. We had water approach the edge of the house but none entered or caused any damage. Our discomfort was purely debris from upstream that settled in the yard when the rains stopped and the creek reseeded back to within its banks. I had a few days of clean-up to do but nothing compared to what some good friends had in towns nearby. We were lucky. Here are a few pics from our yard the night of and day after the high water flood.

Common Merganser enjoying the surf...?



As you can see, we had some water.. It dampened our spirits but we were able to come out of it ok. Even now, a month or so later, the ground is still somewhat sloshy to walk on in many parts of the yard. Of course the continuous rain we've had is not helping the ground to dry out any. I have been in-touch with the powers that be in County Government and they have assured me that between them and FEMA, the creek will be put back to where it's suppose to be. Looking forward to that happening.....soon.

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  1. I was talking to a girl from Binghamton earlier today. She was telling me how bad they had it. That whole southern tier is susceptible to floodings. Hopefully they'll get that creek back in shape.