Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Day...March 15, 2011

After pondering the thought for months and getting countless suggestive comments from friends and relatives, I've decided today is the day. For what, you ask? Well, what follows will be an attempt on my part, to put in the web, my thoughts, my ideas, and my views relative to nature and wildlife. My hope is to share with you how I perceive the amazing world of animals, birds, plants, and nature. Enjoy, with me, as I begin my journey to share with you, BC's Wildlife.

A sure sign of Spring

Red-Wing Blackbirds off to wherever

I should probably confirm here and now that all the photos that will be posted on this blog, will be photos that were taken by me, or passed to me from a 3rd party, with permission to post on my blog.

It will take me a little while to get the in's and out's of this blog thing worked out, so I hope you have patience with me. It's "tough to teach an old dog new tricks" so they say. And I've always wondered just who the heck "they" is. Anyway...this will be what it is....

A log for the fireplace became a crunchy peanut-butter treat 

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