Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twice I've failed to get "The Dream Picture"

I have "The Dream Picture" in my brains' photo library. Actually I have 2 pictures now. And both brain photos happened when I was preoccupied doing normal daily duties. The first time, last fall, I was on a walk with my faithful dog Sam. We were busy playing I'll throw this ball and you go get it and bring it back to me and I'll throw it again and so on. On one of the throws, as I watched the ball sail and the happy and slowed gait of an elder Lab that still, at times, thinks he's a puppy, I noticed a flash of white up and off to my left. I turned and was shocked to see a beautiful Bald Eagle flying down the course of the creek that flows behind my house. Now, my wife and I, like most homeowners, have put a lot of effort, time, love, and money, into our homestead to make it pretty and cozy looking. We are both very proud of our accomplishments in that regard. Our place looks beautiful. However, seeing that eagle, that day, flying down the creek behind our house, was one of the most beautiful things this pair of eyes has ever seen. I cherish that memory. The sadness of that event is I was able to share it with no one except Sam the Lab. He had a mouthful of ball and could of course cared less. Bummer. I'm sure he sensed my happiness, but probably thought it was because he brought the ball back to me. I was on cloud nine. Reality set in when I picked up the slobbered, slimy tennis ball and threw it again. A few hours later when my wife returned from where ever she was, doing whatever she was doing, I was able to relive that minute of joy again. I described in detail for the next hour how beautiful that 60 second event was to the point of boring her, I'm sure.
And than, this morning. Sitting at my computer desk, on the phone with our heating oil provider, ordering fuel, it happened again. That beautiful Bald Eagle, once again, was flying along the course of the creek, no more than 25 or 30 feet off the ground. What an amazing beautiful site. Poor CiCi. That's the gals name I was talking to on the phone. Our business conversation went right out the window as I immediately started to describe to her what I was seeing. Sam was with me again, only this time he was on the floor behind me, sound asleep. My camera was within arms reach, my chair swivels, the door is right there, BUT.....I can't just drop the phone....can I? No I didn't. I watched in awe as that beautiful bird continued his flight up the creek and faded out of sight. Twice, I've been privileged to see this majestic creature fly by my home, and twice he has failed to appear in the lens of my camera. My "Dream Picture" remains just that....
Oh, BTW...My wife is working now.....I can't wait until she gets home later today...What's the quote from Yogi?...deju vu all over again.

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