Monday, March 21, 2011

Not just another birthday..

Today my family and I celebrate the birthday of a very special little girl. In this case, it is one of my very special granddaughters. Bella Jade came into our lives 8 years ago and has been bubbling over with energy and love since her first breath. She has giving more joy to her family than anyone of us can rightfully demand. Her radiant smile, her occasional turned up nose, her unending energy, and her cuddling moments, all attribute to her charm. I don't profess to be the spokesman for my family, but I assure you, my readers, that Isabella is indeed loved by us all. Whether she is in her "princess" mode or her "maniac" mode, she'll sweep you off your feet. It will be either from an eye sparkle or a head lock. Either way, you're going down.

So today my friends I say: Happy Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Bella Jade. Thank you so much for the memories you have given me these past 8 years. I am so looking forward to the memories you are going to give in the future. I love you.



  1. Beautifully Said and so true. Happy Birthday Isabella Jade you R LOVED

  2. Love this picture... Happy Birthday Bella..Betty