Monday, April 4, 2011

Am I Lucky? or Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me.

 From a furry and feathered viewpoint, my wife and I have been very blessed with the "guest" that we have entertained and, in some cases, fed. I probably should say our guest have done more entertaining than we have. It amazes me that I can honestly say that the list that follows are animal/bird species that have graced our property and have been viewed by my family from the comfort of our deck or computer/living room. It is common knowledge around here that one never knows what they will see at any given time in our backyard. We are indeed blessed. I have "at the ready" 2 video cameras that are connected to my PC that I can activate within seconds. I have another video camera that fits nicely into my pocket in case I have to hike further out into the yard. I always have my much loved Nikon D-60/zoom lens camera within arms reach. My video library and picture folders and albums are my treasures. I am so very very thankful for being where I am and being who I am. Thanks Honey for letting me make this paradise happen.

These Creatures have been to our yard....

Birds                                          Wildlife

Baltimore Oriole                         Bear
Barn Swallow                             Chipmunk
Bluebird                                     Coyote
Blue Jay                                     Deer
Canada Geese                            Fox (Gray)
Cardinal                                     Fox (Red)
Carolina Wren                            Mink
Catbird                                      Opossum
Cedar Waxwing                         Rabbit
Chickadee                                  Raccoon
Crow                                         Skunk
Dove                                          Squirrel (Flying)
Duck (Mallard)                           Squirrel (Red)
Duck (Merganser)                       Squirrel (Gray)
Duck (Wood)                             Woodchuck
Evening Grosbeak                                                                  
Gold Finch
Hawk (Cooper)
Hawk (Red Tailed)
Hawk (Sheep skinned)
Hummingbird (Ruby Throated)
Indigo Bunting
Phoebe (Eastern)
Purple Finch
Red-wing Blackbird
Rose breasted Grosbeak
Ruffed Grouse
Tufted Titmouse
Turkey Vulture
Woodpecker (Downy)
Woodpecker (Hairy)
Woodpecker (Pilated)
Woodpecker (Red bellied)

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  1. I ♥ U. Thank U for making our home so Beautiful.