Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bird seed and Bears..Not good..

My wife and I are blessed to live in an area of upstate New York that has shopping centers, malls, supermarkets, large cities and small towns within a 30 minute drive of our home. We are further blessed to live where wild animals live. We share our yard with deer, turkeys, rabbits, fox, coyote, grouse, all kinds of beautiful song birds, raccoons, hawks, and, oh, did I mention Black Bears. We are further blessed that we only see the bear or bears "visits" a couple times in the spring. Yes, we've had our share of bird feeders destroyed, but $20 for a replacement feeder is the price I'll gladly pay to live with nature. We have never been put into situation where we have felt danger, although, my wife does get nervous when we have an encounter. A couple of pots and pans banged together or other loud surprising noises usually deters any further visits. With that said, I have also been blessed with some wonderful pictures. Here are a few...

Note swinging bird feeders.

Why do you have them so high?

Ya know I gotta eat too...

Admit it, I am a cutie, right?     

I'll hide behind this big rock.
Aw heck with it, I'm hungry.
This looks good. Smells good too.
Ok, I get the message. See ya later.
But I may be back.
Bottom line is, if you want to live in natures neighborhood, you have to share and be very tolerant and be very aware of what is going on around you...all the time. I've never had a bear visitor that became a problem. Taking the bird feeders down for a few days usually causes the bear to alter his travel patterns.


  1. Ha Ha, I love it. Wonderfully done. And yes we are blessed to to be able to see so much Beautiful wildlife right from our living window. Not to mention "MY Flowers that I love so very much this time of year.. Let spring begin and let the flowers and trees start to bloom. Love you Honey

  2. I want a bear for Christmas. :x

  3. Love the bear comments! I'm kind of envious. I never got bears at my feeders... just rats. :-/

  4. Do they prefer the suet over sunflower seeds?

  5. Blair, Thanks for stopping by the blog again and as always I enjoyed your photos today and appreciate your attitude toward wildlife.

    I was interested to see in your comment on Coy's blog that you were also a Deputy in PA. I served from 1982 until 2006 and worked full time for the Food and Cover Corps from 1980 until my retirement in 2007. It is especially good to know another ex-deputy that shares our passion for wildlife. Another is Billie Cromwell who used to be my foreman on Food and Cover and was also a deputy for many years. He doesn't have a blog, but he shares our love for the outdoors and photographing wildlife, and shares our thoughts about the elk and wildlife in general. I wish more were like us.

    I really appreciate your comments on both by blog and Coy's about the current distressing situations with the elk and other species.

  6. Blair,

    I appreciate you comment. With some of the things the Commission has been doing its no wonder that they are held not only in low esteem but also contempt by many Pa residents. One of the problems this causes is for citizens to also view the field officers in the same light when in fact most are very good men just trying to do their job to the best of their ability.

    I enjoyed your bear photos, not something I see in my yard but sure wouldn't mind!

  7. Oh my, now that's a magnificent backyard sight! They really are amazing creatures. A most enjoyable post!