Friday, April 15, 2011

Feathers and Fur Dining

Save some for me.

Do ya want a nut?

I'm glad those guys up there are messy.

Hey..Wat-cha eatin?

Mixed Bag of Finches

Hey Tom, you really should chew your food.


  1. Very nice pics, The yellow finches are getting real bright yellow. So pretty.. Gotta love this time of year..

  2. These are cute. I especially like the first one with the turkey and the squirrel.

  3. GREAT shot of the Red-winged blackbirds with snow. That would be unusual to see here in Maine.

  4. Thank you Ladies for the nice comments.

  5. Hello blair, Thanks for your comments on my blog always enjoy communicating with fellow photographers from different areas of our amazing planet.

    Love the shot of Feather & Fur.....we are starting to notice larger flocks of turkeys in our area, but so far they are protected from Hunting!

    Yes that RedWing Blackbird shot of yours is priceless!!!! I Look forward to enjoying more!!!!

  6. Great collection of birds. Cool to have the turkey feeding with the squirrels. I would much rather have the turkey eating my birdseed.